Why are we here?

Okay so… I am going to give you a very “therapist” answer (please don’t hold it against me). Only you can answer the question above. I can however, tell you why I’m here and maybe in the process help you get a little closer to answering the question for yourself.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I am the director of an addictions program and I work in private practice. My jobs on the outside look very different.

For example: 8am Monday morning I may be sitting across from a woman whose last known residence was a park bench on the Boston Common. By 5pm I could be sitting with a family who made more money in the last five years then most make in a life time.

But you know what? When it comes down to it their goals are the same.

  • To be able to earn a living
  • Be happy
  • Make connections with others
  • Live a healthy life

I have been helping people meet their goals for over 10 years. First, as a Case Manger and now as a Therapist.

What are your goals?

Topics I hope to cover:

  • Mindfulness
  • Current events
  • Mental Road Blocks
  • Healthy Living
  • Biographies
  • Psychological Definitions
  • Self Discovery

Now its your turn, what do you want to know? What would help you achieve your dreams?

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Published by psychkatlife

Katherine Carter is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in Massachusetts. Katherine is the former Director of a residential program for women working towards recovery from drugs and alcohol. Katherine is currently working in private practice assisting individuals, couples and families meet their goals. Katherine's clinical interests include Addiction, Empowerment, LGBTQ and gender issues, mindfulness and chronic illness.

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  1. My main goal is to try to find some sort of balance in my life, and I know that attending to my mental health is a big part of that. I am already experimenting with different approaches, but I am looking forward to reading your insights on this. Thank you for your articles :).


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