Body Positivity: Facing My Fear-My First Massage

One of my body positive goals is to deliberately, with intention, have experiences that I would have never had due to the way I look, the way I feel, or the amount of space my body takes up.

World Mental Health Day and National Coming Out Day

This past week marked two major awareness days. World Mental Health Day and National Coming Out Day. These days are important for educating the public and helping members of these groups know that they are not alone.

Just a day…

Why are we feeling guilty? Why can’t we just sit and be? Americans, unfortunately are notorious for this. We work 40+ hours a week, are expected to be available by email or phone 24/7, and get two paid weeks off a year. Our culture celebrates the person who never takes a day off and the person who answers emails on vacation.

Why are we here?

Okay so… I am going to give you a very “therapist” answer (please don’t hold it against me). Only you can answer the question above. I can however, tell you why I’m here and maybe in the process help you get a little closer to answering the question for yourself. I am a Licensed Mental …