Yesterday, my husband and I went hiking. You know how there are novice hikers? We are below that… We are “I have no idea what I’m doing” hikers. To put it in perspective, I almost wore flip flops and then thought better of it at the last minute.

We drove two hours to a beautiful mountain range, mainly because I wanted to see the leaves (yes I’m an autumn in New England type of a girl). After we took in a few views, we found a hiking spot. All I knew at the time, there was parking, a trail, and it said there was a 1.5 mile, 3.something, and a 7.something (my brain did not even register after 1.5 miles).

We started out and quickly realized that this is going to be harder than we thought. We saw people walking though the trail with walking poles, back packs, and hiking boots. We must have looked really out of place. There I was, in Nikes, skinny jeans and a concert tee and my husband was wearing Nikes, loose fitting jeans and a thin cotton hoodie. We looked like we should be going to the pub, not hiking through the woods.

All the people we passed were super friendly, but I couldn’t help thinking that they were wondering if they would see us on the evening news. You know… “Married Couple Missing after attempting to hike. Rescuers suspect couple has been eaten by a bear”. We also did not bring water, had not eaten, and we both had to pee.

Life’s a journey

All that being said the experience was pretty amazing. The sounds, smells, and sight of the trees brought me back to my childhood. My husband, although he is not a “nature person”, enjoyed being outside and was so helpful in assisting with my balance over the streams.

After about a half hour of trees, tripping over roots, and my Nikes in the mud. I was just about done. I was hungry, thirsty, and had to pee. We decided to take a few pictures and head back.

We moved over to the side as we saw two hikers coming up the trail. They gave us a smile and said “hello”. We said “hello” back and waited for them to pass. One asked us “have you seen the gorgeous stream?”, I looked down at my feet (I’m a terrible liar), “no, we haven’t gotten there yet” knowing damn well we were about to turn around. He pointed down the trail in the direction he came and says “its right around that turn”.

My husband and I looked at each other, laughed, and pressed on. Sure enough, right around the corner the path opened up to a beautiful stream.

How many times in life do we do this?

This experience had me thinking… How many times do we do this in life? How many times have we given up right before the good part?

The journey is not always easy. Sometimes it will be the hardest thing you will ever do… don’t give up. Its ok to not feel ok, to make a fool of yourself, to have no idea what you are doing, to fail… but don’t give up.

We all need to remember… What gifts are waiting for us around the corner?

Published by psychkatlife

Katherine Carter is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in Massachusetts. Katherine is the former Director of a residential program for women working towards recovery from drugs and alcohol. Katherine is currently working in private practice assisting individuals, couples and families meet their goals. Katherine's clinical interests include Addiction, Empowerment, LGBTQ and gender issues, mindfulness and chronic illness.

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